I see my art as a tool.

I use it as a platform for self-reflection; to manage and understand my mental health.

I think it’s what I need to do to help myself.

I see the work I make as a by-product of an internal dialogue with a deeper sense of self.

I use it to create experiences and learn from.

I make my work for myself.

Im a mixed media artist based in Bristol. I currently use my art practice as a way of coping with mental health and chronic pain. I try to create links between my mental health and art in an attempt deepen the relationship I have with myself.

I think my practice is essentially cognitive behavioural therapy and my art is a by-product of this. Addressing my mental health has had to be my primary focus for the past few years and its felt like managing my health has consumed most of my time.


I’ve had to implement elements of CBT to my daily life to try and step away from thoughts and analyse my emotions.  I feel like my work, and interests within my work, has helped me to make that process more interesting and allow me to approach my well being with a sense of curiosity.

To me, my work functions as a tool to use in line with CBT. It forms a point of communication with myself and helps reveal some of the complexities behind my emotions. My aim is to develop ways of using my work as a bridge between my internal and external experience of life.

I'm interested our relationship with sound.
Music has a profound psychological effect: science has shown that we have a neurological connection to music whereby dopamine is released from the brain in response to rhythm.
It is this involuntary engagement between the human brain and sound that intrigues me and forms the basis for my practice.

In an attempt to provoke a similar sense of engagement I use aspects of musical composition, such as rhythm, time and structure as a framework and process to create visual and sonic art. I’m especially interested in rhythm and seek ways in which a balance, or imbalance can be formed between the visual and auditory senses.

My work aims to explore the lines between science, art and music, with ideas rooted in themes of psychology. Intrigued in the detachment of conscious control, I often allow chance to become an integral part of the process. 

I like to form a structure to work with and then allow sound or motion to occur naturally, as an ephemeral moment. Work often exists as temporal environments where light, sound or motion can be experienced in new ways.





Compromise                                     So Far. Creative Youth Network, Bristol
(installation in exhibition)

Field Of Streams                                Greenman Festival, Online event
(film piece)


1984                                                Culture Vultures, Winger Records
(Music Video)


Album Art                                         YUE (Independent musician), Bristol



Wedge                                             Greenman Festival, Brecon

(Sculptural installation)


Wireless                                           PO Griff, Winger Records
(Music Video)                                    










So Far                                              Creative Youth Network, Bristol
(installation in exhibition)





Ingram Collection Young                   Cello Factory, London
Contemporary Talent

No Laughing No Barking                    UWE Spike Island Bristol

Cruising                                            The Edwardian Cloakroom

Spike Open                                       UWE Spike Island Bristol

UWE+RAM Dome Project,                  Camden Forge, London. @Bristol Planetarium, Bristol 

The End                                           123 Space, Bristol      

Parallels                                           The Island, Bristol               





Spike Open                                       UWE Spike Island, Bristol

Neo-Portraiture                                 The Island, Bristol

Chewing the Scenery                         The Island, Bristol

ON                                                  Southbank, Bristol

2014 Mid-Year Show                         UWE Spike Island, Bristol











The Constant Drone                           Darkplace Productions, PRSC, Bristol
(Set Design+Props)


Mission                                            The Last Resort, Swansea
DWT: Pugilists’                                  Cinema & Co. , Swansea





Evoke                                               Buffalo Bar, Cardiff 

RUIN DEEPMEDI/                              The Garage, Swansea





RUIN                                                The Garage, Swansea

RUIN II                                             The Garage, Swansea





Tribe of Swan II                                 The Scene, Swansea

Funktion Tek x                                   The Scene, Swansea
Bad Design                         

Tribe of Swan                                    The Scene, Swansea

The Orator                                        Theatre West, The Acta Centre, Bristol

Kaleidoscope                                    The Small Horse, Bristol

Sinewave                                          The Cells, Bristol

Phil Me In                                         Wilder Studios, Bristol





Funktion Tek                                     The Lemon Factory, Swansea







Creative Futures                                Creative Youth Network, Bristol

Instagram take-over                           We The Curious, Bristol

Field of Streams                                Greenman festival, Online    





Digital and light R&D                          Greenman festival, Brecon








Instagram Art Challenge                     We the Curious, Instagram


Abstract Drawing Techniques              Creative Youth Network Creative Courses, Online
(ages 12-17)

Teamwork. Drawing/Painting             Prince’s Trust, Ashley College, Bristol
(ages 16-19)






Greenman Festival: Field Of streams, Online Event

Creative Youth Network: Backwell School Sixth Form, Bristol

Creative Youth Network: We the 33%, Online Event







2013-2016 University of the West of England, Bristol, BA Fine Art (first class)

2012-2013 Coleg Sir Gar, Foundation Diploma Art & Design (Distinction)