© 2016 Calum McCutcheon.

My work is centred around our relationship with sound. Music has a profound psychological effect: science has shown that we have a neurological connection to music whereby dopamine is released from the brain in response to rhythm. It is this involuntary engagement between the human brain and sound that intrigues me and forms the basis for my practice.

In an attempt to provoke a similar sense of engagement I use aspects of musical composition, such as rhythm, time and structure as a framework and process to create visual and sonic art. I’m especially interested in rhythm and seek ways in which a balance, or imbalance can be formed between the visual and auditory senses.

My work aims to explore the lines between science, art and music, with ideas rooted in themes of psychology. Intrigued in the detachment of conscious control, I often allow chance to become an integral part of the process. 

I like to form a structure to work with and then allow sound or motion to occur naturally, as an ephemeral moment. Work often exists as temporal environments where light, sound or motion can be experienced in new ways.