Current works in progress. Art as therapy

** Creative Youth Network Residency


Mixed media installation commissioned by Creative Youth Network. Dimensions variable. 2020

Audio visual installation commissioned by Greenman festival 2017

Sound based installation, dimensions variable. 2016

Kinetic sculpture 15x9 cm. 2016

Light and sound based installation, dimensions variable. 2016

Dimensions variable, Kodak slide projector and a light bulb


Single Chanel Video, 00:04:20 mins duration


Single chanel video projection, 00:06:29mins duration

Flatscreen + Dome format video 00:02:14mins duration. 2016

Installation, dimensions variable. 2015

Single chanel video, 00:01:20mins duration. 2015

Installation, dimensions variable. 2015

Installation, dimensions variable. 2015










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Collection of visual by-products from previous work